December the 1st 

It’s December 1st… DECEMBER. THE. FREAKING 1ST. Where did the time go?! Even though the year is almost over, I love this time of year. LOVE. IT. Although this holiday season is very difficult for some people, for others it’s also the season of love, giving, family, and friends. From […]

10-Day Meditation

​Well, I survived my first month of school! I’m okay …so far lol Anywho… I have one other thing that I’ve always wanted to do… meditate. No, I’m not talking about the kind in which people will sit with their legs folded on the floor with stones and chimes with […]

Well… It’s Going…

It’s the halfway point. How’s it going? Well… it’s going. How do I feel? I feel… well I have feelings. Is it hard? No. These are questions that I’ve been asked a lot and have more than likely given answers such as these. Grad School does contain a lot of […]