A New Experience

STORY TIME! Am I the only one who wants to have an adult slumber party at some point in their life? I think it would be fun: telling stories, watching movies, opening up about life, judge-free, going to bed at a reasonable time (because we’re adults who are getting older […]

Thoughts on Education | Day 16

Good Morning all!  I thought about this prompt yesterday and decided to give myself time before answering it. Lets be honest: I haven’t thought about at all yesterday. I’m still on my Las Vegas vacay and my mind is nowhere near finding a philosophical statement on education. However, I will […]

One Week Down, Many to Go

​So the first week of school has ended… I have survived my first week of school. Whaaaat?! From the beginning of this journey to now, so many things came to mind. I’m finally starting my career, something that I’m proud of. For the first time in my life, I feel […]