Music Monday

“This is my SONG!” || Music Monday

I wanted to do something a little different this week: I wanted to show you all my top favorite albums/EPs of this year and last year. (FYI, this order represents the ones that I thought of first, not my top 14 in order. I hope that made sense…)

  1. H.E.R. – Volume 1
  2. H.E.R. – Volume 2
  3. Bruno Mars – 24K Magic
  4. Music Soulchild – Feel the Real (This one has been on repeat!)
  5. Fantasia – The Definition of…
  6. SZA – Ctrl
  7. Rotimi – Jeep Music Vol. 1
  8. Jake&Papa – Tattoos and Blues
  9. Bel Biv Devoe – Three Stripes
  10. Charlie Wilson – In it to Win It
  11. TLC – TLC (2017)
  12. KING – We Are King
  13. Chris Brown – Heartbreak on a Full Moon
  14. 2 Chains – Pretty Girls Like Trap Music (Yea, I know. “You listen to 2 Chains?!” Yes.)

always Spotify listen to it via. first before I decide to buy the album. If it’s worth listening to more than once in one week, then I’m buying it no questions asked! I wonder if I’m the only one… Anywho…

These albums are worth the download or album purchase if you’re a fan of their artistry.

“I Believe” by KB will continue to be this week’s Music Mondaayyyy because who needs motivation to go to work? ME! And I’m sure you need one too 😊 Okay, enjoy 😉

Random thought: eventually, I wanna get to listening to more Indie artists. I have a couple under my arsenal that I think are dope, but I’ve already mentioned them in previous blogs.

Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to this song. All rights belongs to the owner. 

Also, I wanted to include a song one of my good friends sent to me. He’s also a Christian rapper, named Clarity, and the song’s called “Humble.” I actually like it! It kind of reminds me of trap music. Enjoy this one too 😉


The reason I have this page is because I would like to share with you what I’m listening to right now and we all need new music sometimes 🙂

Since I love music so much, I really don’t have a preference. I will give any type of music a chance and keep it on my playlist if it’s stuck in my head. Because of my upbringing I listen to Pop, R&B, Soul, and Gospel music the most. Therefore, you may see those genres pop up on this page more frequently… or you may see the same song twice.

Check back once a week for updates!

Feel free to let me know in the comment section what you would like to see featured on this page

Feel free to let me know in the comment section what you’re listening to during your Morning commute to work 🙂

Take care!

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~Live Laugh Love~