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LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, BOYS AND GALS! This week, I’m doing my very first feature blog! I’m very excited because this blog is by my very, very great friend Tanela Hicks, who is a great writer. It’s a review on some of this Fall’s new shows as well as veteran shows. I hope you would take the time to read it. Enjoy 🙂

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What’s ON! The Fall TV Review

By Tanela Hicks

The Fall TV Premiere season has begun and I must say I am thoroughly impressed with the creativity; change in casting norms, and overall promotion of the TV programming available this fall. We often tune into certain shows on accident or only because a coworker watches it and you want to be able to talk about it at the water cooler. Well I have provided the ultimate water cooler review of select TV shows (mostly new pilots) to help you make your decision. All reviews are based on my opinion and research, so please for those who do not agree….relax.

Minority Report

Meagan Good

Developed by Max Borenstein

The show started out strong and for those who haven’t seen the movie it may have even a little thrilling in a “Brave New World” (read the book) type of way. The show has promise if they can keep the story lines fresh and new from the movie. With that being said, I think it will be hard to do. The premise of the movie is the hook for the show. Predicting crime and stopping it before it happens. Using people with special abilities to complete a job that cops have yet been able to do successfully on their own. Again very good premise; and that is going to be the shows downfall. The problem was already presented and solved in the movie. If there is no new problem presented, then I foresee the viewers will get bored and tune out to another vision. The talented Megan Good is not strong enough to hold the viewers on her own and the newbie Stark Sands feels like just that; a newbie. With that being said, I am a tech geek and this show has it all, so I am rooting for the shows survival.

Hopeful C+


Jake McDorman

Developed by Craig Sweeney

I saw the promo for this show sometime back because I follow Brad Cooper news pretty heavily. I was looking forward to seeing the show. Like Minority Report this new drama is based off a very popular new age movie. And for those who tuned in for the premiere, it was a thrilling and face pace mind ride into what thought of “what if”. However for those who have already seen the movie, it was like watching a summary. The pilot story plot was the movie. That was a huge disappointment to me. However the lead actor Jake McDorman is very entertaining and does well as the new version of Eddie Morra. He is witty and the production effects are fit in very well. The scenes where Finch is talking to the smarter versions of himself are ingenious. I am giving this show a second episode chance because to review the pilot series in full would be like a review on the original movie and that’s not fair. I am looking forward to the show’s writers creating new problems to solve and moving ahead. I think the show has lots of promise and I think it may last a while.

Solid C+


Morris Chestnut

Created By Todd Harthan

This new fall show was probably the most heartbreaking for me. The format is old, yet tried and true. Cop and professional duo with comedic/romantic tension included. Because the premise of the show has been done and is currently being doing well on several series, I expected to see Morris Chestnut shine. Unfortunately he did like a golden piece of cheese. He worked very hard for few laughs. I am not sure if it was writing or the acting, but Rosewood just fell flat. The creator Todd Harthan has had some success in similarly formatted series, so I am left with Morris and his female companion. Detective Jania Lee Ortiz’s appearance as the transferred police detective, is loudly placed as the ethic balance on the show. She comes off as the hardcore Puerto Rican, but I feel like it along with the rest of the acting on the show, is overdone. This show will not be Morris’s much needed launch into sitcom/drama TV mainstream, but it will not end him. He is just too hot.

Unfortunate D+


Priyanka Chopra

Created by Joshua Safran

This FBI drama focuses on the team and not the crime. I will not pretend the show was appealing to me at first, but after watching the twist and double agents in the pilot; the creator Joshua Safran may just win me over. I anticipated the obvious sexual components of the show and waited to be wow. Overall I will say it was better than expected. The story focuses seemed random in the beginning, but the larger plot came together at the end. It had just enough mystery to make me want to watch episode two, which I did. The fast pace cliffhanger was written superbly and the surprise double twin twist was smart, very smart. The pieces where match in a mix match order, but I felt this was strategic. The only down fall I see is the high casting number, too many possible focus points may confuse the viewers and bog down the story. In contrast the previews to the show sold it as an ensemble cast show and it seems that there is a definitely female lead and if you are already into Minority Report or Blindspot you may choose to bypass this YA style action drama. Overall show has allure and I can see it through at least 3 seasons. Good luck team.

Surprising C


Jaimie Alexander

Creator by Martin Gero

This was one of my favorite premieres to watch. Actress Jaimie Alexander has had her breakout performance in my opinion. She is believable as Jane Doe and looks exactly like a former black ops agent would look. The idea that she may have been an assassin or someone of bad character takes my mind to a million different angles and story line opportunities. The creative writing in this show is not to be dismissed either. I see the options for character shifts (good turns bad and bad turn good) and the corruption angle was evident from the pilot episode with FBI Director Bethany Mayfair (Marianne Jean-Baptiste) holding the details on who she Jane really is. I was mildly impressed with her as the supporting cast member in Thor, but she has solidified her talent in Blindspot. This show has at least 5 seasons of life barring no major writing blunders.

Overall B-

Code Black

Marcia Gay Harden* (Really a true ensemble cast)

Created by Michael Seitzman

The high energy fast paced medical drama may be the best hospital drama since ER. Yea, I know Greys Anatomy fans are screaming at me through the screen, but I see something in this show that is not in the current Greys vain; MEDICINE. Tune into Code Black and be ready to see fast paced medical scenarios played out with the sporadic medical mystery that seems unsolvable. The show features an intern team with two bosses that have some undescribed history and high moral compasses to ‘do good’ by the patient. The show’s directing is also the major highlight here. The scenes are cut together so fast that your eyes can not turn away for a second fear of missing something. In the pilot episode there was a gunshot womb to the neck, pregnant lady poisoned, elderly stroke, and a major head injury that was treated with a brain drill. That was just in 42 minutes; imagine what 13+ episodes will mean to the viewers pulses. Simply amazing and I will be tuned in every week for this one.

Hands down A-

Sleepy Hollow

Nicole Beharie and Tom Mison

Created By Alex Kurtzman

I will lead with the disclosure first. Sleepy Hollow is by far and has been one of my favorite shows since its conception. Now with that easy stuff out the way, let’s talk Sleepy Hollow. Sleepy Hollow struggled big time last year. Nichole Beharie and Tom Mison did a wonderful job with the scripting and plots given. I think the problems started with the focus on Henry (the son) as the Sin Eater and all the havoc he tried to cause. It made for great story lines, but around mid-season the storyline stalled. It was almost like they (the writers) could not figure out who should be the ultimate winner in the Henry/Abbie/Crane battle. The jury is still out on rather it was handled well, but the slow turn at the end of season 2 definitely affected its likeability amongst fans. I believe the writers and producers agreed and some major changes have been made for the third season. First the time slot has moved to Thursdays, which may or may not be a good thing, but I think it may pull in a different crowd of fans. We (Sleepyheads) still have the crime and detective plot format and the action/horror piece was very noticeable in the season 3 opener. Katrina (Katia Winter) has exited the series as Katrina to much of the fans delight (I have a weighted agreement with this move) and Lance Gross and Shannyn Sossamon have entered. The bad guy (girl) is totally covered with Shannyn as Pandora (yes, Pandora’s Box we hope) and Lance Gross as the new boss FBI agent Daniel Reynolds. Of course all the fans are hoping for some romantic tension between the two, but his setup seems to have many diverse landing options, so we will just have to wait and see. The pilot episode came in strong, addressed all the changes quickly and ended smooth. Not as much high tension as the later part of season 2, but definitely a great start to a long running series.

Hard Earned B

Lastly here is the quick hit veteran show review…

Scandal– Surprising opener, solid performance all the way around.

Criminal Minds– Tried and true format is appreciated by the long standing faithful fans. Hoping for graceful exit, when the time comes…which we all know is soon.

Lastly shows waiting to be reviewed…

How to Get Away with Murder -I didn’t forget just still in shock.

The Flash– Expecting great things.

The Player– A surprise contender.

Thank you all for tuning into Tanela’s review, now go enjoy the show.

Tanela Hicks is an inspiring writer and certified technology geek. She is a working wife and mom of 3 beautiful children and  loves life, striving to enjoy every moment.

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